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Meet Olga (Ольга Ануфриева) the 3D Digital Artist! 

''Second place in Reallusion competition goes to Olga and her charmingly cute doll character! This cuteness overdose had our judges blushing thanks to its own original style, high quality sculpting, and overall greatness. In her entry, Olga demonstrated great proficiency in retopology, texturing, and painting. We were also treated to a couple of very nice work in progress videos that demonstrated Olga's journey in turning her charming vision into a 2nd place powerhouse winner! Congratulations Olga!''
You can check out her whole progression that she took on 3D Character on her site:…

3D Character Design Contest 2016 - Character Creation part 1

3D Character Design Contest 2016 - Character Creation part 2

3D Character Design Contest 2016 - Cute Doll

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December 8, 2016


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